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Meet Laura

Laura spent her formative years on the sun-kissed coast of southern California, and returned to these roots with her family in 2019. Design and construction are woven into all she does. Laura's passion for design has been fostered for over three decades as she watched her mother peruse design magazines and books with morning coffee. Laura's father is a contractor, and she paid attention as she grew up in an ever evolving construction environment. As a result, Laura has a deep knowledge of how houses are built, and sees construction challenges as design opportunities. Laura believes your home should be your sanctuary and a welcoming respite from our chaotic world. It should be thoughtful and intentional, so you don't have to spend an ounce of bandwidth searching for comfort. This isn't just about selecting the perfect couch, this is about optimizing your home to fully serve how you want to live in it. Laura delivers on this vision by blending old world undertones with new world ease; tailored details with softer edges and intentional patina. Thoughtful and beautiful design are always central to the process at Laura Gransberry Design + Build. 

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