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In creating something as livable
as it is beautiful.
Design should feel as effortless as your best sweater, perfectly comfortable, and
wrapped in warmth


We Believe...


We have an endless passion for home, family, and beautiful things. It drives every part of our creative process. Laura Gransberry Interior Design + Build wants to know how you live your life. You like to read? It's your nightly routine with a glass of wine? Then let's make sure you have a space carved out, in the perfect spot in your home, with the perfect reading light for every time of year, a table at the exact height for that glass of wine, and a place for those books, both read and waiting to be discovered. Your home should be a place perfectly set for the things you love to do.

We love the journey of learning how you live in your home. We make it easier to do the things you love in a space that feels designed exactly how you want to use it. 

How We Got Here...

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